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Select students stationery is worth learning

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-29

Dut to the development of stationery market,there are many new product appeared once in the new term.Too many product to make the market in confusion.So that some of low quality product also enter into  the market. The quality of these inferior products in a loose style of monitoring.It make a hidden trouble for the students' daily learning and unhealthy to the students.

So,how to choose the fine qualiy student stationery for the children?Lepusheng stationery going to show you the a few notable details when choose the stationery as follower:

1.Notice the sharp stationery

Stationery,such as painting ruler,pen box with the rough edges or burrs,it's easy scratch children hands.Hand scissors should be circular top so that to avoid the dangerous.

2. Don't use the too white notebook

Too white book may enter into a large number of luorescent whitening agent.Either exercise book or notebook,the brightness shoud be below the 85%.Too white will make the damage to the students' eyes.Then affect the children.

3.Pen safety

You should to find a cap of pen,pay attention to the pen cap safety.The diameter of the pen cap should be greater than 16mm,and the body need a air channel about 6.8 square millimeter.Because the air port use for avoid cap out of pen then make hurt. If there is no air port ,pls don't buy it.

4.The sweet smell stationery

Meanwhile,students shouldn't use too much sweet-smell stationery ,especially the erase,it always enter into various kinds of spice.Using these powerful sweet spice stationery in long-time is bad to the children health.
Most of students in use of these daily student tools,can't pay enough attention to safety for the stationery product.The parents should be more strictly when choose stationery for the child.

In fact,after nearly 20 years of development,China has become the world's stationery manufacturing center.There are more than 6000 stationery manufacturers at home and the stationery production capacity also occupy 40% of the world's.With the published of the "General requirements for the students' supplies safety".It also proved the relate technical regulations is getting more and more perfect.

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