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2014 China (Beijing) international exhibition of office stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-03


【Exhibition information】


Show time: on May 26-28, 2014


Location: Beijing China international exhibition center (sanyuanqiao pavilion)


Organizer: Beijing Tuowei international exhibition co., LTD


Undertake unit: Beijing Tuowei international exhibition co., LTD



【The Background 】


           The 2014 China (Beijing) international exhibition  of office stationery is one of the special exhibition of Beijing international modern exposition in office stationery industry, it is a integrates industry event which contains the product display, exchanges and cooperation, trade negotiations.Conference has the main target of "developing together, win together " , to highlight the industry cooperation, promote the concept and image of product display. The exhibitors include manufacturers, suppliers, regional general agent, technology unit of research and development , industry media, etc., this exhibition is expected to host more than 500 exhibitors,and is expected to reach 30000 square meters of exhibition area of 2014 .Professional audience including agents, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and government procurement, schools, supermarkets, department stores, chain business, catering, retail, entertainment, communication, banking, taxation, health care, transport, public utilities and other large corporate buyers ;And invited more than 300 overseas companies which are from Australia, Spain, Italy, the United States, South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands and China Taiwan area   coming to China to visit and negotiate, professional audience is expected to more than 50000 people.At the same time, some well-known brands from domestic and international will also have to join this exhibition, we believe in our common efforts, the scale, quality, effect will be to the next level!Believe in your support and our careful organization,we can make the exhibition have a bigger scale, richer content , widder cover!


【The scope 】


1.Students stationery exhibition area


          Pen bag, pen boxes, pencil, mechanical pencils, crayons, whiteboard pen, ball-point pen,Neutral pen, crayons, oil pen, crayon, pen, bag, an eraser, cutting pen machine,liquid glue, glue, ruler, compasses, pen knife, scissors, slipcase, correction tape, folders, the primer, envelope, sketchpad, ink and so on.


2, Office stationery exhibition area


          Pen: ball-point pen, gel pen, fluorescent pen, pen, pencil, brush pen, whiteboard pen, marker, felt pen, crayon, ink, etc.;Notebook: exercise book, note pads, letterhead, address book, universal handbooks, binding, delicate, binder, etc;Office supplies: stapler, nail machine, punching machine, paper cutting knives, scissors, pen knife, pencil sharpener, pen holder, pen bag, ruler, etc.;Accounting supplies: books vouchers statements, inkpad, ink filters, stamp pad, seals, carbon paper, calculator, paper clips, binding supplies, etc.;File management, folder, file cover, organ bags, MingPianCe, bookends, ratten, filing cabinets, file bar, functional cabinet, etc.;Craft gifts: greeting cards, invitation cards, certificates, envelopes, gift bags, wrapping paper, crafts, promotional items, business gifts, etc.


3, office equipment exhibition area


           Print: printer, copier, scanner, all-in-one, printing, label printers, bar code printers, paper printers, etc.;Management: attendance machine, shredder, binding machine, laminate machine, POS machine, paper, management software, access control security systems, office drinking water, etc.;Computers: desktop computers, notebook computers, PDA, display, optical drive, keyboard, writing pad, mouse, USB, memory, etc.;Communication : telephones, fax machines, radios, switches, server, router, network card, bluetooth, video conference system, etc.;Image: the projector, electronic board, camera, video camera, voice recorder, MP3 / MP4, sound system, electronic dictionary, e-books, etc.;


4, office automation systems and products.


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