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Development of office stationery:Environmental and personalized products become the main trend

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-31


           At present, the rapid development of stationery industry makes the market competition become fierce.As the change of consumption idea, stationery products are endowed with more and more fashionable element. And the diversity of development of office stationery products gradually trend to environmental protection and personalized design direction in recent years .



          Stationery products should be more environmentally friendly


          As consumers' demand for environmental protection becomes more and more high,consumers will pay more attention to whether the product is environmental protection or not, good or bad performance, whether they contain toxic substances and so on, therefore, from the choice of product components, should be more to the direction of healthy and environmental protection, environmental protection is a trend.Look from the recent related stationery exhibition, a lot of stationery manufacturers have introduced environmental protection stationery,due to the price of environmental protection product is10% higher than ordinary products and even offer a few higher, buyers can also accept, so that companies' offer which is under the influence of exchange rate changes will also be much smaller.From the impact point of view, the green environmental protection is the trend of the times, the "green design" also gradually emerged in the field of stationery.Office stationery transformational change is coming.


          Design should be more personalized


          The change of time will make people's aesthetics and demand change, for example, twenty years ago ,the Chinese clothes are all dark blue tunic suit, now you can see the multifarious clothes everywhere,so as the wallpaper, personal taste become more different,and optionals also become more and more, from this way, product variety is a trend.In the stationery industry is the same,as the changing needs for stationery products from the original simple stationery design to a variety of changes now.After 90 young people with the development of social economy and the rise of a variety of personalized student stationery products will be the development direction of the future market.


          The  change of stationery products also illustrates the change of  consumption idea, from the practicability of stationery products to the value,and the pursuit of exterior modelling .Consumer economy has changed from the core of efficiency to the core of value.New and unique psychological performance is the change of the actual demand to emotional expression to the product.


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