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Students stationery products should highlight the selling point

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-23


           The development of office stationery industry make more and more entrepreneurs into manufacturing,and product on the market has also gradually become more, facing the wide variety of stationery products.So how to seize the consumers eyeball for the stationery manufacturers to use the promotion means?Lepusheng thinks that, stationery enterprises should launch new products timely, and these products had better have a good selling point, so as to win the initiative.



            So, what is the selling point of the stationery?The so-called "selling point", baidu encyclopedia says that it refers to the commodities which with the unprecedented, unique or distinctive features and characteristics.Products are born with these characteristics on the one hand, on the other hand is born from marketing planner's imagination, to create the "out of thin air".No matter where it comes from, as long as you can implement it to the marketing strategy and tactics,and  to the interests of the consumers which they can accept, then it must can achieve the goal of best-selling products and building brand.


            For stationery manufacturers, to grasp the consumers' interest can create the selling point of stationery products.For example, the hot environmental protection stationery in recent years.So why the environment protection stationery can be so popular in the stationery market, mostly it is because of the added value of products.Environmentally friendly stationery is the stationery which can protect the environment,no matter the quality  or the connotation of the popular product today,the environmental elements is also the recent consumption trends,so that the value of the natural products are higher.


            No matter the environmental stationery which has the healthy elements or the popular stationery which has the fashionable elements, all these elements can attract the consumers' attentions.Also because of this momentum,many stationery enterprises are increasing product research and development, strive to higher value-added products, to increase its weight in the stationery market.Market is rapidly changing, of course, if the product has no different selling point from other products, then it will be difficult to occupy the competitive advantage.Those which have selling point, first of all, there must be a good gimmick, good publicity materials.In the network era of information explosion, a stunt is represents the "money".Stationery company are more and more attention to inject "selling point" into network marketing into "selling point",then shows the importance of selling point in the process of selling.


             However,Lepusheng will remind you that when doing "selling point" in the process of selling, it also need stationery enterprises uphold the industry self-discipline, refused to the false and exaggerated tales to mislead consumers.Anf cheat to please the public.Pay attention to the industry self-discipline and industry standards, both of them are important, they are the key to maintain a good ecological environment condition in the industry.


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