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Stationery packaging:the coup for the eneterprise promotion

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-09

It is easy to find that therer are various kinds  of stationery looks like crafts from the street shop to the supermarket.Lepusheng stationery found that there is not only pretty in stationery product,but also look nice in the stationery packaging.Nowadays,the stationery packing not only work as commodity container,it also became one of marketing mode to express the cultural connotation of stationery brand.

There is information that 63% of consumers are buying products based on the pretty packaging in supermarket.People are attracted by the fine packaging that spended over 45% of original plan. This proves that the packaging as the first impression to the consumers,it has play the important role and direct to affect consumer spend or not.Pack marketing apperaed to meet the new demand for the modern enterprises.It is showing the low cost marketing.For the small and medium-sized enterprises in stationery,stationery packing is the small investment,but play an important role to add sales and enchance the brand value.It is the best way for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The stationery packing is not noly work as containers of goods,but also good for stationery pomotion.it's structure, graphic design and advertising  also be attentioned more.So,how much elements for the good stationery packaging?

A.Accurate mark

The long life product must has a good market.The products just a flash in the pan without mark or with a bad mark.The good mark not just a sign or the graphic combination,it including the commodity value and the brand connotation.The mark should be appear on the packaging,it is not noly good for convey,but also help for to sales promotion.

B,Appropriate  disply

The positioning of product,price and consumer segmentation should be under the control of stationery manufacturers.And the key point of packaging image should be adjust measures to local conditions.Then appearing in packaging.Just like Lepusheng stationery mainly produce the high-grade stationery and packing with the fine and highly attraction for quality stationery.Let consumer associate the brand through packaging.Meanwhile,stationery as a fast disappear type products,It will sell well in the market through the packaging promotion whithin the new term.


Under the currenct economy environment,commodity copetition has been away form its qualiy.There are more and more commodity getting to the level of brand value as well as commodity packing.The same to the student stationery for seek differences.The superior stationery packing not only do well in the basis,but also focus of differencess.It only to jump out of practice, than to exceed the similar competitive goods.

The age of "Good wine needs no bush"has goes by.Under the marketing era and compared with the high investment advertisement,the packing will get more attracted by consumers.It is the great influence for the cousumers.So that the enterprise should be do the best of the packaging marketing then to complete the products promotion and the branding construction.Packaging is the best pomotion in the terminal  market for the small and medium-sized enterprises,which has the limited budget.

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