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Stationery product need differentiation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-24


          The current intense competition of stationery industry makes the homogeneity of stationery products become serious, a hot selling product often have four or five colors, similar model or same version.It is not only an increased competition between each other, also hit the enthusiasm of research and development for stationery enterprises, more harm to the subsequent development of the industry.So it is particularly important to pursue the development of product differentiation for stationery.



           To get the product differentiation, stationery enterprises need to pay attention to the following two points:


           One, product innovation


           A growing stationery industry meet the diverse needs of consumers, and price wars and homogenized competition in the market let a lot of stationery suppliers eager to find new breakthrough of the industry.Only walk the innovation development path ,can stationery industry overcome difficulties and achieve economic growth.Enterprise should integrate innovation consciousness into the enterprise production, research and development, marketing, finance, management and diversified development.Rely on innovation, to improve the economic benefits of enterprises.Besides model innovation, function innovation can create competitive differentiation advantage, depends on the patent or trade secrets that can protect to maintain, or soon will be replicated, market products from differentiation to the non-differentiation.


          Two, build for designed


         Stationery products mainly on amount,so it is obviously unrealistic to do personalization for individual clients.But  it is possible to specially developed a product for the same group?In fact, with the development of network, more and more consumers will show their own needs in the network, companies can get the demands of consumers, when it go to a certain amount ,then we can consider to build a certain style.When we build a certain style according to the different demands of each group and each person, then the consumers got the biggest meet the requirements, so build a certain style for them can give consumers more choices and meticulous demand.


           In addition to calling for the creator and producer to have further and lofty thoughts,core value,and improve the innovation ability, but the most fundamental is changing the industrial structure.To reach differentiate product innovation, to take out of homogeneity, low-quality, vulgarization.


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