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New channels are rising,stationery manufacturing enterprises face with transition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-06


          In recent years, with the rise of emerging channels,Stationery manufacturing enterprises are facing with the problem of positioning the traditional agents, distributors and the important issues such as relationship refactoring,the modernization of e-commerce has become the mainstream of development in the future.


          It is well known that early manufacturers and stationery dealers, agents take products as the core,and take the profit which is bring from the sales of the products as the cooperation of both sides,so the benefit form is single,the cooperation pattern is simple, manufacturer is more concern about the sales ability of dealer, and the dealers focused on manufacturer's products, brand and market investment, the main work is between factories and businesses is around the "sell goods", the concrete of two sides also mainly concentrated in the tactical level, even contradiction between the two sides are more focused on the profit distribution.


           As a result,the cooperation between stationery manufacturer and stationery dealers also began to change, such as competition of good stationery dealers.Stationery factory is considering their own development strategy, and have higher degree when match with the dealers, no longer simply regards the scale of the dealers and sales strength, and begin to pay close attention to the dealer's own development direction, planning and deployment, background management of present situation, its own market consciousness and ability, especially focus on whether it can butt in strategic level.


           At the same time, dealers will compare the policy of each manufacturer, and even began to use the different policy between each manufacturer, pushing manufacturers to increase investment, which is increasing the operating costs, if down the road ran down, then it will lead to the higher cost of the cooperation and management between the manufacturer and the dealers, when the cooperation cost goes to a certain extent,then the manufacturer is considering whether to replace the dealer, or make their own retail.


           And the emergence of e-commerce, there are more and more influence on stationery traditional channels, most of the stationery manufacturers seek the way to combine online e-commerce and offline stationery market.On the one hand, transfer pressure from dealers, on the other hand, radiation of more surrounding areas through the electronic commerce,so that it can expand the brand sales.


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