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High stationery inventory appeared the weakness of stationery brand construction

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-05

Due to the downturn economic at home or abroad,the stationery inventory made the stationery manufacturers feeling pressure.Whole market has a strong discount storm around and getting more and more stong.Actually,most of stationery product are in the low price.

As we have learned, there are many Chinese stationery company did the exporting trade,and now changed to sale in domestic market under the weak exporting market.Once the domestic market was weakness as abroad,the market supply and demand balance is broken.So that caused lots of stationery company  with the high inventory.

The development of electronic also bring a big challenge for the traditional stationery enterprise.At present, the stationery sales of department stores, stationery wholesale market and other entities shop showing the declineing in 2009 to 2011.

Besides the changing sales channel made the high stock,Lepusheng stationery thinks that the international famous brand also brought intense competition to the stationery brand at home since they entered into China after the 2007 western economic crisis.Especially in the few years, foreign brands have enter into Chian rapidly,some of them ever explore to the tow or three city.

The pressures at home and abroad make it difficulties for the stationery industry.There are appeared lots of  inventory crisis in stationery industry sicnce this year.It is marks the development transition for the Chinese stationery industry.China stationery market space has been very limited.Epitaxial growth is hard to go on,but the expansion business model of enterprise is still in the scale.There are the conflict between them.And it caused the enterprise sales  below expectations.The inventory of distributors and joining trader are bit off more than they could chew.

Stationery manufacturing industry has developed nearly 30 years.Its sales,performance,share and market were attentioned more,but the there is not more noticed to the stationery brand,and lack of the brand culture constriction.So that there is not a strong brand in the stationery indsutry.

We can produce the products with good quality and fine workmanship in best materials as well as international brand without any question.But why did't we sell the products in a high price as well as international brand?The main point is the brand value,we will always facing various kinds of problem if we lack.

The expert advise that if Chinese stationery enterprise want to do the excellent brand,we need to give a specific culture for the brand."First of all,you should make sure what you want to display,then started to work for it".It is the well-known rule in the world.The developing of the design culture and design firm are the successful law for the brand.However,Chinese stationery enterprise just to overlook the stationery design.We should to build our brand for the Chinese stationery enterprise.

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