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Two ways to break:upgrad at abroad and expand at home

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-22

At present,there are not the  recovery of student stationery supplies in exproting market.And the exprot order also unstable.It is difficult to predict the order situation of the second half of 2013.The export situation still grim.

With the spreading of the global financial crisis.The exporting student stationery enterprises are harder.The data shows that in 2012,there was weak in the student stationery exports situation.It was decline compared with last years.

Although there is still weak in the export market.China student stationery is appearing some positive factors in export.And there is the high market share in the student stationery exporting market.It also keep the rapid increasing in the  emerging markets.Some stationery factoies trying to keep the two ways expand.To stable traditional export market and the emerging market at abroad.And to strenthen the management costs and expand the domestic market.

Under the impact of the finalcial crisis,the demand of European and American market are decling.As China export student stationery are base on the middle and low level.It is close with the daily life of foreign customers, the export market are compressing the consumption of the high and middel level products.At the same time,there are the large demand in China stationery product.And the demand of popular stationery also increasing in the emergin market.There are exported $2.86 billion to Asian market in 2012,growth of 7.75% then last year.And there are the obvious developing in the South America.

Most of advanced stationery enterprise were deveoted to the export market.They paid little attention to or don't want to pay more attention the domectic market.After the outbreak of the financial crisis, some stationery enteprises are trying to open the door of domestic market.But it is not enforced very well.

Rome was not built in a day,as well as enterprise extension.Funds and marketing channel are the largest trouble for the enterprise extension.Enterprises always use the L/C payment in the export then to keep the capital recovery.It also needs the much funds in the domestic statioenry sales.For the exporting enterprise,sale at home is more complicated.It is difficult ot set up the domestic market channel network.

In addition, the product,production design,marketing and business idea of exporting enteprise are suitable to the international market but different from domestic market.The consumption concept of student stationery is not yet mature for domestic consumer.There are limit in the market capacity and consumption capacity.The personage inside said that there is needs a time to develop and the related supporing policies of the government.

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