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The electronic commerce to accelerate the reform of China's cultural goods


As there is a large industry group and the perfect industrial chain in the coastal areas.And some enterprise also has the advance awareness of management.They early to push the E-commerce.In the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta,electronic commerce market is in the ascendant.Some of them are beginning to do the electrontic business,and some did the traditional stationery wholesale and processing before,but now turn into the E-commencer.



According to incomplete statistics,at present there are over 10000 online shops in the Guangdong.Besides some enterprise who do the E-commerce in the beginning.There are many enterprises turn the entity business into the electronic commerce gradually.


In the face of the disadvantage such as high cost and the declining order in the entity business.Some famous stationery brand have set on the flagship store or online mall in the Internet.The dealer who did the wholesale business before or the OEM factory also trying do the network marketing.In the recent year,due to the decclinling of the processing orders,there are lots of practitioners were planed close the door or trying into E-commerce.


Leupsheng stationery thinks that e-comerce is a general trend,especial in the China cultural goods industry.Whether the entity shop turn into network marketing or someone do the e-commerce from starting.Most of them are full of confidence to do the e-commerce in future.Because of the supepior industries background, the government's support and the increasingly mature in network.In recent years,there are appearing a lot of policy to promoted the development of  stationery industry electronic commerce such as Alibaba's web order or the Guanghuo activities.All of them are play a role in the  reform of office supplies industry.


As the electronic business competition is in global,it need a global vision and thinking to consider its development.Currently in Shenzhen,Guangdong,the e-commerce has a small scale and has been attention for the government.However,to make it specialization and industrialization need the platform and policy support from government.And need to increase the strength of the promotion.Than to improve the leavl and the overall image of Chinese stationery electronic commerce.


With the development of the e-commerce,the management rules of the merchants would be stricter than stricter.And therelevant state departments to the supervision of the market will gradually perfect,E-commerce market will be more and more standard.Than improve the credibility and the increasing for people to shopping online.That is what the stationery enterprise ask for.


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