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The mighty stationery manufacturers and consumers

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-11


          Stationery industry develops the most rapidly in the light industry in China, and the strong consumption potential can drive the development of the market.With the development of the market, the industry is also showing the characteristic of the development:



          The circulated enterprises are dispersive, but the manufacturers are mighty


          There is no denying the fact that Stationery manufacturer in China has a long history, and the long developing pattern make the profits, capital or talent pool through the circulated enterprises in stationery industry,while retailers is a highly fragmented industry, it can not form a powerful purchasing, so in the marketing chain, producers relative strength.


          The strength of the manufacturers also have to improve their brand and supply and so on.Although small manufacturer accounting for most of suppliers, but we also can not ignore the stationery enterprises which are growing up,when the homogeneity of the trademark products covered the whole market, that also prompted stationery enterprises make a change, and pay attention to product research and development,and the pursuit of innovation.


           Under the market economy dominated by consumers


           Due to the development of market economy, more enterprises are in the increasingly fierce competition, the cost is that they are more concerned about of the field, in recent years, the big customer have higher sensitivity of the price, and with the popularity of direct marketing way, consumers have a strong bargaining chip.It can be said that consumers are gradually dominated the development direction of the stationery market.


           From the personalization changes, popularity of environmental protection stationery and the educational class stationery of the students stationery, we can feel the influence of consumer demand for stationery products.The change of the stationery products also demonstrates the change of people's consumption idea.Consumer economy has changed from the core of  efficiency to the core of value.New and unique psychological performance is the change from actual demand to emotional expression, people attach more importance to the emotional interaction.Consumer have more and more demands for office stationery, so how to master the interests and needs to be thorough understanding and in-depth development of stationery manufacturer.


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