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Do well treen proint to quickly get rid of unsalable stationery products

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-09

Stationery is the daily supplies,whether learning or office.So that there are the hundreds of stationery brand and stationery product in market.Some of them has been hot sale, but some of them was left out in the cold.There are the obvious contrast and comparison in the market sales.As we known,produce without according to consumer required is the key to cause such sales contrast.Secondly, the quality of stationery product to a certain extent determines the sales of enterprise.And it also limits the stationery brand construction.So,What is cuased the unsalable stationery products?

Brand positiong

There is the own positioning for the each cultural goods.And the key is how to operate.There is the own market for each product.Just see the market share and the competition of those products,then we can find is it the same position and class between our proudct and those product?

Product style

The style of a products decide the market influence for this product.And the more style product decide the brand influence.Product may not too complicated or fancy,it just looks easy and use enough.They should the original features for the stationery products.To make a distinction between homogenization stationery in current market.It is good for the own product to make the market expansion.

Cost performance

This is one of the most important of study.We are not afraid of expensive product but the valuable.The clever people always choose something in the good quality as well as price.Now,there are the big gap between the product price and quality.And so many different quality and price.So to choose carefully is necenarry.

Anyway,a stationery enterprise wants to success in brand construction or future sales.It'd better to do more in their brand, to ensure that their brand of cost-effective, keep the distinctive.Than to improve the market sales effectively.Make the unsalebable proudct to be hot sales.

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