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Lepusheng telling you that why do the student stationery develop so speed

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-22

In recent years,wtih the rapid development of stationery market.As one kind of office supplies,student stationery always be a first-selected one to breakthrough.It is the most renew one and with the development of stationery industry,student statioenry will still be the way to innovate for stationery enterprises.Why do the domestic studnet stationery is growing so fast?Lepusheng stationery thinks that there are three reasons as followes:


Frist:Broad market


It has a good view of Chinese stationery consumption market.Although stationery supplies is small,the market of them is broad.Besides the require of officer from the state-owned enterprises,technical personnel and the government.The students wether pupil,middle school students, high school students or all kinds of vocational students.Including college students,graduate students or adult students.All of them make a huge consumption group cultural good.As the new and professional market,student stationery market also has been  more great public attention.


Second:Appearing personality


People born after the 90s and the 00's,they are the mainly consumption group in the future.They grew up with the internet and accepet the rapid spread of information.They keen on something unique and individuality.So that student's stationery always put their preferences and the generation element  into the products.These creative stationery and fashion stationery always to attract more attention.


Third:Changing idea


With the society developing.More an more stationery consumers pay less attention to the practical and price.More of time,they are prefer to notice the creative design and stationery model.Especially in Chinese southern part coastal areas,which more developed than other place in China.And the consumers have the high loyalty for the something creative,fashionable and with brand.It proves that consumption idea is changing.Between the age of pursuing personality,stationery manufacturers  should following and catch this point then realizing economic maximum benefit.Student stationery constantly evolves and renew,the mainly reason is that the concept of consumption is turing form practical to fashionable.And the development of product added value form the single brand tune into multi-brand.It is the why so many businessmen are developing more and more new products.


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