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Does China stationery move in trouble?Brand construction need hard work?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-04

Recently news shows that there are some exporting enterprise were dying behihe the prosperity of China stationery market.At present,most of China stationery enterprise are in the sales of domestic market,they lack of the awareness to make the brand construction.But the insider said that independent product brand is the key to improve the industry.There is a long way to go for stationery industry.

OEM production is quite common in China

The development of inland is later then the coastal areas.They with the weak strength and a litter of fancy stationery or creative stationery.Most of them are do the villi stationery.
There are two type of those small scale:one is to purchase from the wholesales of Yiwu,Guangzhou.And sell in their province;And the other way is to purchase the raw materials and producte the popular stationery according to the market demand.At present,there are many small enterprise do the follow production.They are product the goods which hot sell in market,but it can be sustainability and have a large risk.Some enterprise have fully aware of the importance of independent brands and they start the development.

Independent brand construction need hard work

For the future development of Chinese stationery industry, Lepusheng company thinks that construction of inderpendent brand is the key.Lepusheng company are pay attention to the branding construction and with the independent research and development design.It can ensure research and development the new product according to the local market in short time.At the same time,the  flexibility of market structure also can ensure the pricing positing.The profit margin of independent brand always should be higer then the OEM proudction factory.

In the China market,there are some stationery enterprise are realize the combination between stationery and cartoon and leading in the line of China stationery.In fact,the suitable cartoon and the relative cartoon stationery is the consensus in the industry.But it is needs a lot of money and professional personnel,especially professional disigner.

But,insider are remain optimistic about stationery industry future development.Because of samll size means that the broad market.With the improvement of the market and the strongly support from nation.The development of China stationery maybe speed up and will into a golden period of unprecedented.

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