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Three ways make the stationery shop publicity

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-24

For stationery shopkeeper,new store opening is very happy and full of expectation.And next,how to manage the shop is the key?There is the problem that haow to enhance the potential popularity.In addition,student stationery shop can choose the different way to promote the stationery shop.And lyour stationery shop be knowed more.

One,with the help of decorate

There is blank of promotion in the period of decorat.About ten days of decorate,it would be wast if without any action.At that time you can make prints on the wall as a temporary advertising.It is about one hundred yuan but can improve the shop popularity.Or to make a banner and writing it is near the open in XX days.It also the good way and cause the customer's expectation and curious feeling.

Besides,elaborate advertisement also one of good way to pomote the brand.Most of shops just write a few words of recruitment requierment;because it needs the guider of sales.The exquiesite advertisement somtimes is very useful.

Two,with the help of weekend

It needn't the best day but it is important.It is necessary to attract the more and more customers.In general,Friday and Saturday are the best time.Because it is the most feeling of shopping in those two days.It also the most visitors.In addition,most of customer have a herd mentality,they like lively.Some stationery shopkeeper said that no matter how many sales today,the more people bring more comfortable.

Three,with the help of pomotion

It is a custom habit in long time.The customers will not adapt  if without any stationery promotion.It is not require the big valuable of gift.And also without other benefit.The stationery promotion always will give some  membership card.If the membership card very beautiful and never seen in the market.It may popular in your customers group.And the membership is different from the discount coupons.It can increase the viscosity of customers and make them buy in next time.

Generally,open a stationery store should do well in above.At the same time,stationery shopkeeper should keep the good popularity in the business.

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