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2014 observation: steady growth of the import and export of stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-21


         Since this year, China export stationery and office supplies,entertainment supplies, sports supplies, recreational equipment supplies,paper and so on to 227 countries around the world.The exported to Asia, Europe, North America these three states have the advantage.Stylistic supplies exports is expected in the future and also will continue to steady growth.



          Exports appear steady growth in the first half of this year


          Data points out, in the first half of this year,stationery products in our country will appear steady growth in export.See from the export growth,exports to Asia, Europe and Oceania maintain positive growth in the first half of this year, grow respectively 11.53%, 9.14% and 11.53% ;In Africa, North America and Latin America decline in export growth in different degree.Traditional trading market is still occupies the important position, increased exports to emerging markets such as asean, South Korea, and in the bric countries of Brazil, Russia exports also further growth.Although stationery export environment are no longer good than it before, with the growth of labor costs, and manufacturing towards to southeast, cultural goods industry no longer have the rapid growth than before, but the strong technology and production lines as OEM can get most attention of overseas guests.


          In the second half of this year can last steady growth


          In recent years, the overall manufacturing industry faces the problems that export orders moves to southeast, the increasing cost of factors of production, less manufacturing in the developed countries and investment,stationery industry may inevitably faced with outlet pressure.However, with the steady growth of government measures for foreign trade, the recovery of the world's major economies stabilize, the RMB exchange rate depreciation and improvement of  the competitiveness of foreign trade enterprises, all these above are good for the development of stationery export.Negotiations and upgrade for the asean free trade area free trade zone, Shanghai free trade zone area, and measure of the implement of the Yangtze river economic belt and so on will bring growth momentum to foreign trade in China.Therefore is expected the import and export growth will be steady and positive in the second half of this year, but it is hard to appear relatively fast growth.


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