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Rejected the "three lacking" stationery when purchse

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-01-27

There are the rapid development in the office stationery.And there are many "killer" in the stationery.Some stationery manufacturers do the low quality stationery then make exorbitant profits.Especially in recent years, with the development of electronic commerce,the network also provide the cradle for those three no stationeries.In order to protect the children's health.The parents should be more careful when buying.

New products may be the "three lacking" products.

 Although there are a lot of stationery products looks cutes and new with the bright color,strange shape,and even smells fragrant.The more fancy stationery be more popular in students.But lot of them without the name of manufacturer,contact information and product ingredients.Also none of instruction ad safety tips.Those three lacking proucts also bring much trouble to the consumers.
Online reputation is not the best guarantee

The development of electronic commerce are let most of stationery manufacturers enter into the E-commerce business.Contact with each other thought a third party platform is very common for most consumers and stationery factories.But ever there are the guarantee from the other platform.Or the good reputation online.Three lacking proudcts also in them.

The suggestion

In recent years,aroma stationery is very improtant.However, experts said that aroma stationery contain to varying degrees, mercury, alkyl phenol, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals and so on.It would damage the health of children.So that to choose some products made in brand stationery factory or in formal shopping malls.To pay more attention to the information about products such as the manufacturers,products descriptions,warning and the introductions.Don't the aroma stationery and choose the stationery with environmental protection, non-toxic in firstly.Secondly,consider security problems.

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