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Practical and safe is the most important when choosing student stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-18


          Every time when the new semester comes, many parents will buy new stationery for their children.At this time, parents will obey what their children like, actually this is wrong.Because the threshold of stationery industry is low,  a lot of unknown businessmen can also get mixed into it, so how to choose safety guarantee of stationery for the child?Lepusheng stationery will show you the common standards of choosing stationery for you.



          Bag is the most important learning tool for students.You'd better choose bag that has broadband and shoulder pads.If there is a belt on the bag that is the best.So that we can evenly dispersed the pressure.and it can avoid too much damage to the child's back and shoulders, then we should check each part inside the bag,those has more partition are better.So you can have the effect of classify books and all kinds of stationery.In addition, there shouldn't too much pockets and mesh on the bags, otherwise the bag will hook by the sharp things, and easy to cause dangerous;To avoid too much metal buckle or metal zipper on the bag, too much metal parts will increase the weight of the bag, and harm the lower back.It had better a soft mat on the back of the bag, it can help to heat dissipation.Then we must pay attention to the material of bag, if it is possible,we should choose the bags which are made of nylon or canvas,rather than those in leather or other heavy material .


         Now, the pen box in the stationery market are in novel styles, in diversity of materials, there are iron, plastic, canvas.Some multi-functional pen boxes have a cutting tool, scissors,or a scotch tape in it.In fact, with the change of the popular element,the patterns on the pen boxes is changed gradually by following the popular elements.If we want the stationery products stop changing ,you know that is impossible.But we still need to pay more attention to functional stationery products, those with greater and more function will be easy to distract children in class.Therefore, in contrast,Lepusheng think cloth pen bag is more suitable for the children.


         Book cover is one of the most common students stationery , from the initial homemade package of calendar paper to the latest book cover on the market, we can see the change of student stationery.In order to avoid over size of the covers for the new book, currently there are a lot of covers that can adjust the size of a book cover.It is reported that many parents thought if the stationery are too fancy then it will be easy to distract children in class, therefore, we should choose those with pure color rather than fancy elements.


         No matter what kind of stationery, the brand stationery is more safe, normal manufacturers will mark some information such as which group is suitable for it or children in which age can use it  on the label.If you can't discern which kind of stationery products is more suitable for children to use, then it is better to choose brand stationery so that it can guarantee the service in the late.


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