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Cleverness does not save the moral defects

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-07


       Twelve years ago, there was a little girl went to France when graduated, started the work and study abroad life.Gradually, she found that the ticket office of the local public transportation system is self-service, which you can buy a ticket by yourself to where you thought .The station are almost all open, do not set wicket, and no conductor.

       Even very little random spot checks.She found this the loopholes in management, or in her way of thinking appears to be the hole.By her own understanding, she accurately estimate the probability that the ratio of stealling a ride is only about three over ten thousand.

       She was rather smug for her own discovery , since then, she was often steal a ride. She also found a  reason to relieved herself : I'm a poor students, I can save a little bit in this way.

       Four years later, a hallmark of a famous university and her good academic performance made her confident , she began to frequent access to some multinational companies in Paris, and promote herselves in confidence.


       But these companies are all warmly at first, but after a few days,she was refused politely.Failed over and over again, it  make her angry.She thought that there must be tend to racial discrimination , all these companies  excluding foreigners.

       The last time, she rushed into a manager's office of human resources department  and asked the manager to give a reasonable reason for not hiring her .However, is her unexpected ending.It was entertaining to get the following a conversation .



       「Lady, we do not discriminate against you, on the contrary, we attach great importance to you.Once when you come to apply for a job, we are very interested in your education background and academic level , to be honest, from the ability to work, you are whom we're looking for.」

        "Then why don't you accept me and  used by your company?"

      「Because we checked your credit record, you are discovered that you have was three times of punishment record when taking a bus ticket .」

        "I don't deny this. But for this thing, you want to gave up a talent who published papers in the newspaper many times ?"

      「Little things?We don't think this is a trivial matter.We note that, for the first time the ticket is during the first week after you come to my country, the inspector believed your explanation, because you said you are not familiar with self-service ticketing system, then he just to give you a ticket.But after that, you have two times like this.」

        "At that time, I just don't have change in my pocket."

      「No, no, madam.I don't agree with you, you are in doubt of my intelligence.I believe before being seized, you may have several hundred times like this.」

        "That is not dead? Why you are so earnest? It isn't OK to correct it in the future ?"

        "No, no, madam. It proves that the two points:

  You don't respect the rules. You are good  finding the hole of rules and malicious to use it .

  You are not to be trusted.And most of work in our company rely on trust when carrying out , because if you are responsible for a certain area of market development, company will give you a lot of functions and powers.In order to save costs, we have no way to set the complex watchdog , just like our public transportation system.So we have no way to hire you, we can precisely said, in the country and even the European Union as a whole, you probably can't find any company to hire you "



       By this time, she was like a dream wake up, and so regretful.

       However, what to give her a heart-pounding, is the last mentioned  word: moral can often make up for the defect of wisdom, however, wisdom will never fill the moral blank.

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