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Lepusheng has attended the 116th session of China import and export cantoon fair for 22 terms

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-02


       From October 31st to November 4th, the third period of the 116th session of China import and export Cantoon fair will be held in guangzhou pazhou hall,Guangdong Lepusheng stationery participates in the fair with a new view, at this point,we have attended the cantoon fair for 22 terms.
       Lepusheng attracts many businessmen with the concise,easy, professional and high-end image, as well as the exquisite product design .Lepusheng always follow the customers' opinion and the market demand,and bring more products which meet customers' requirements.And also meet the customers all over the world with a positive attitude and dedicated service.
       Now the foreign trade development are facing the problems of the complicated and severe domestic and international situation, a variety of signs that the recovery of traditional markets in Europe and the action of multiple micro stimulus policy, foreign trade step into a whole recovery trend.In constantly to meet customer needs and adapt to the international market demand,Lepusheng adhere to independent research and development, in the recent 20 years, we insist on the road to keep improving the quality of the innovation and development, further improve the added value of products, perfect service content at the same time to face the various pressure and challenge.
       Canton fair has set up a platform for the communication with customers, through long-term, regular participation, we can promote the products of the company, set up the company's image at the same time also can timely understand the market and customer demand, to further promote product update and improvement of brand construction depends on accumulating day long years deep, especially for some old customers,they will almost come to the Cantoon fair every session, to strengthen the timely and effective discussion and communication, deepen mutual long-term and stable cooperation and development.Lepusheng will creative a better future with the global users!
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