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How do small and medium stationery enterprises expand the traditional channels

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-20


        To see throughout the stationery industry,there are just a few brands can open outlets across the country.In the traditional stationery industry ,the most  operation modes are distribution and the agency.Proxy mode will puts forward higher request to the agent, sales tasks are so difficult to the agent , so there is only one way to stationery manufacturer, that is the way of distribution .To do well in  distribution , first  you must  choose a good dealer, then must establish the common development concept with dealer  and set up the quality and efficient service concept.


        Dealers can follow the  quality standards to measure: First , whether it has a experience of stationery industry ,and have a certain understanding for stationery products ;Second, in addition to have a certain understanding of  the local market  , it must have good connections and customer resources in the local hypermarket .Third, it is the best to have managed some  stationery brand currently .,If the dealers in line with the standards above, then the stationery dealers will have greater potential for development.


         After choosing the good quality of stationery dealers, we should establish the cooperation concept of common development, only seeking the common development and common profit , we can make the stationery dealers have  more profit  than stationery manufacturers , to put the interests of dealers in the first place of enterprise development,because  the development of the dealer is the foundation of enterprise development, and let  the enterprise have long-term and stable customer groups.Only with the development of the dealers, then the stationery brands can in the  normal survival and development.


         Those experienced and high-quality stationery dealers belongs to the scarce resources in the stationery industry , and they are the  main object which a lot of stationery manufacturers contend  with each other for it  .Customer's choice is very big, this is  the customer market, if you have good products and good cooperation policy, and make dealers to sell our stationery products to earn real money, and can be very happy to cooperate, then the development  foundation of  stationery enterprise will be  more stable and longer.So you must set up the comprehensive quality of service consciousness, the service is that we must  provide  the most preferential policy and the support of  high quality product supply to  dealers ,and provide the product advertising, to establish perfect logistics service system and efficient after-sales service system.


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