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Electronic commerce is the new sucessful marketing modes for the stationery enterprise

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-07

Nowdays,electonic business is changing from  sales economy to experience economy.With most of the growth in online users and the electronic commerce.It is the important opportunity for the B2C growth.


Look to the Internet users, China always enjoying the Internet population growth profit in the past few years.There are about 400 million Internet users and the growth is about 30% by years. It is estimated that the number of  global Internet users will reach 2.2 billion in 2013.And the Asia Internet users over 43%,become the major region of fast growth.


Pay attention to trend of the global Internet.the push will slow down in the game and other value-added services.And internet shopping will become the huge power to improve the internet development in the coming ten years.How to build the competitive team in E-commerce based for the Cultural goods industry?


There were covered about 7%~10% in internet like United States, South Korea, Japan these developed countries.But the penetration is less than 2% in the Chinese stationery indstry E-commerce.With the development of the Chinese economy,the rising consumption in the GDP and the growing E-commance in the stationery supplies.It all showing the large opportunity for the stationery suppliers in Internet.


In fact,as the growth for everything,consumption goods in Internet was passed the primary stage since the end of 2009.Then came into the marketing era,technical barriers is no longer as a barrier to the traditional stationery industry to into E-commerce.And the marketing modes become the key success factor for the stationery e-commerce.

Stationery electonic business is changing from  sales economy to experience economy.Can we said the B2C E-commerce was caused because the cheap price?Of course not.


There are lots of stationery enterprise into E-commerce because it reduce the circulation link between salesing and the customer resources for easy to management. To develop statinoery enterprise through the E-commence is a great improvement in the management and technology.It improved the order processing and the background support strength for the online sales.On the other hand,it is help for improve the customer experience,make a large rise in the customer satisfaction.The superior user experience will become the important indicators for stationery in the B2C E-commence.


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