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Shopping stationery online must pay attention to the "hidden rules" of promotion

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-18



         With the mature development of e-commerce, more and more consumers choose to buy stationery products online, no matter the double 11 or 12, promotional stunt always emerge in endlessly.Many consumers always buy as soon as they see the cheap products,and finally they will spend too much money rather than save money.During the festival, the consumer should keep more rational,and must polish eyes, never blind to consume.Especially in the age of electricity, there are a lot of "hidden rules" in sales promotion .



          Rule 1: the fictional price


          Part of the electricity took part in all kinds of promotion platform, to attract consumers with low prices , sales promotion is the most direct way of privilege, this makes a lot of consumer follow up.However,many merchants will make a high original "price" at first, then take part in platform activities for promotion, many consumers don't have a clear concept of the original price,then they will think they have found the cheapest so they are willing to pay for it, this kind of promotion always can be seen in taobao platform.If you don't want to waste so much money, you'd better search the whole web or just compared with the entity shop when shopping online.


          Rule 2: no quality guaranteed


          Online shopping can bring us convenience but also with the hidden trouble, the increasing of "tao brand" let those small businesses earn much.While this is just across the screen,so consumer rights and interests are easily damaged.In shopping disputes, there must be many consumers got the "wrong" products, the quality ,color and the style of students stationery ,can be not in conformity with the description on the website.Therefore, in the process of consumption, consumers must choose a shop with real brand, it can not only ensure the quality of office stationery but also can assure  the later services.


        Like shopping in stores, consumers should be careful as soon as possible to identify the presence of defects and the quality of the goods they buy, or whenter there a shelf life or not.You'd better go to the best known large stores when buying things, to ask more, compare more,and must keep sales receipts after the consumption,in case of problem occurs.At the same time,we must noted that whether the price is a discrepancy when compare with  the usual price .Then must ask the detailed consultation scope of coupons, so that can avoid the coupon is useless.


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