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Lepusheng stationery become the pioneer in stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-10-01

As one of well-know stationery suppliers which specialing in the stationery development,production and sales.Lepusheng company is based on market conditions according to the change of consumer demand.To integrate brand with channels and product development.And it is became one of pioneer in office supplies.

Brand advantage

It is not hard to find that there is the broad market in China, but because there are more are more  stationery manufactuer,the conpetition in the market should be lower.The nest few years will be a critical period of brand competition.Lepusheng has been in the line of stationery production for many years.It's brand has already recognised by consumers in China.
After many years of development, Lepusheng not only has the good sales in China, but also have a lot of honors such as "China Stationery & Sporting Good hundredstrong and dynamic enterprises",“observing contract and valuing credit”for six years,"Guangdong Famous Brand Certificate" and so on.It is show the steady for the Lepusheng products.
Speed up product innovation and technology upgrading
Lepusheng stationery always attaches great importance to technological innovation in proudction.We have a professional team for proudct research and development.By the end of 2012,Lepusheng has a number of utility model patents and patent product appearance.And the stationery design also bettere for Lepusheng with leading design idear.Which according to the consumer feedback analysis.
Broad consumption potentiality
The requirement of stationery product quality and environmental standards is increasing day by day.There are the higher and higher stationery standard.So that the weak stationery factories will be weed out to the stationery market.
Lepusheng stationery is bigger and bigger though the efforts.To control the raw materials and strengthen the marketing.It is believe that the LPS brand will be more welcomed.
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