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Several major innovations for stationery development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-01-14


Developing stationery industry meet the demand of the consumers.But the low price comeptition and the homogenized competition make many stationery suppliers look for a new development way.Only do the innovation then to gain the proftis increase.Enterprises should to take the innovation into the diversified development including production,R&D,marketing , financing, management and so on.Combining with the current stationery situation,Lepusheng stationery thinks that the following innovations are the key for furture development.
One, Technological innovation 
The rising cost of stationery manufacturing is the firstly toubles for stationery manufacturers.The innovation of  technological ask for the stationery suppliers should to improve efficiency, save labor, stable quality, saving energy and so on.Integration of a variety of technical resources,to strengthen the construction of enterprise technology center and realize the new breakthrough on deepening cooperation, cooperative research. To ruduce the cost in the production.
Two,Product innovation
Product innovation can be seen in the market.It is the improtant key for the stationery suppliers.A new product could found that creation and innovation in the frist time once it published.The product innovation should be combine the customers' ideas,to do more work in the new material, new technology and the fashionability.
Three,Marketing innovation 
Marketing innovation is based on the change of marketing environment,to expand the the breakthrough according to own conditions.It should to pay attention to the marketing change,marketing segmentation and brand strategy in the stationery industry.Then to combined with its advantages, product positioning and the make the breakthrough.
Four,Management innovation 
In terms of enterprise daily management work, to keep Improve and perfect. Improve and perfect also need innovative idea and spirit.It is to make the innovation around the ruduction of cost and the prodcution management.At the same time,to improve the daily management.
Five,Business innovation
Focus on the positioning system innovation,business innovation, profit model innovation and improve the  research and development, marketing and so on.To turn into the brand profit from the quantity profits.
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