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The way for development of office stationery is filled with difficulties

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-05

It’s no doubt that office stationery industry has a huge market, however stationery enterprises should realize they are in cart and have too many problems to deal with, which the industry seems prosperous from outside.



Copy cat products overflow newly researched 


Always be copied, never be transcended’, this saying describes not the products which difficult to transcend, but imitative ability hard to surpass in the office products industry. It’s easy to look out a strange phenomenon that there will be stand-in to replace the new product which is whatever how neoteric it is.

In reality, it’s being vital common to see mutual imitation among manufacturers, resulting in severe homogenization in the office product market.


Predicament Ⅱ


Lack of stationery brand


Copy cat being swarmed with the market shows weakness of creating brands among stationery enterprises. For a long time, China’s manufacturers mainly sell OEM products abroad; they are shortage of the consciousness to make a brand. OEM, on one hand, not only decreasing manufacturers input in R&D of new products, buy also bringing about low technical content and addition value.

On the other hand, this not good for them to try best to make their own brand value, which is one of the reasons why do far there is seldom famous brands in oversea markets.


Predicament Ⅲ


Be short of awareness of intellectual property protection (IPR)


Besides lacking of brand awareness, missing IPR is another reason why China’s manufacturers reluctant to put into innovation. The input cost of new products originality, design, R&D is costly; comparably it’s very easy to copy from others.

If a company spend a big amount in making an innovative product, which is bound to apportion cost on product. Originally, the new product will win the market share; however which will be looted by those copy cat products with low cost, meanwhile, intellectual property still under missing protection. That will be not worth to the candle to most enterprises. Such situation forced them would rather to do OEM, instead of pay a great attention to R&D.


Brand and innovation being the two soft spots block China’s stationery enterprises innovation transformation. Nevertheless, with consumers focusing more on living quality, they pay great attention to brand value and culture. As a matter of fact, the market urgently need to create proprietary brand to say good bye to bottom end market, so as  to achieve the transformation from made in China to create in China.


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