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“520 love together”—— Lepusheng recommend correction tape in pairs

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-23


         5.20,it sounds like "I love you" in China, this is a day full of love , take this opportunity to tell your love to your lover,your parents .But if you study at school, look at you nearby of friend, do they take more time to be with you in daily company than your parents, whether bring you care and help on study, if you are grateful, then pick an auspicious day to express your "love"?Today, Lepusheng stationery also recommend some correction tapes in pairs for you , hope they are like your friend, to help and accompany you in study.



         Whether the heavy study task makes you feel tired,studying is important,but you should pay attention to rest .Lepusheng 9981 creative students stationery little bear masseur 12 m correction tape, this is a small massager, it may come in handy in your rest time,there are small steel balls on it, it can massage your neck and make you feel relax. And it is good to be a  small gift , just take one , you can experience altered effect but also can relieve fatigue.



         Lepusheng 9945 Funny creative stationery doll correction tape 20 m , do you tihnk it is so cute?Funny face, gorgeous dress , very likeable.Look, one is holding with a pencil,  another is taking with an apple, whether it is true with your friend?Good touch feeling, make your fix more easy.



        Lepusheng 9601 bear and frog 10 m correction tape, vivid and lovely Bear and frog appear in correction tape, the correction effect is good and beautiful, and there is a complimentary bookmark on  the card board .Come on, catch one and teasing with each other.


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