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Stationery Industry Needs A New Development , Countermeasure Is Very Important

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-29


       In recent years, it is obvious to all that stationery industry is developing  rapidly,however,there are still more problem that not be allow to ignore in stationery enterprises.For the realization of the quality, efficiency and sustainable development, each big stationery enterprises still need to struggle.Then what are the problems in the development of stationery manufacturer ?


       One is the unreasonable industrial structure and product, innovation ability is not strong, lack of core key technology, deep talent shortage and other deep contradiction still not fundamentally resolved.Office stationery supplier should accelerate the reasonable layout of industrial structure, especially to speed up the reconstruction of advantages and  innovation of science and technology  .The development of science and technology innovation is the first productive force, as well as industry core power, we can lead the transformation of traditional industries through science and technology  , especially  promote the traditional industry to high-end transfer of  value chain, industry chain through innovation!


       Second, rising costs, including the improving labor costs  , prices of production factor , management cost and transport cost , while most of these increasing costs will become a long-standing problem in a certain period of time .To obtain the new development, we must vigorously adjust the product structure.Ecological civilization, the way of resources allocation is green, and ecological civilization includes "circular economy" and "green economy", the breakthrough is the advanced green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction technology and new technology of stationery.Stationery, therefore, should also be phased out solvent, low type, general functional products, especially as the arises of environmental protection of stationery in recent years ,the advantage of those  products  with environmentally friendly, high-end, high functional  is self-evident, representing the developing focus and direction of industry .


       Three,industry and market concentration is not high,low barriers to entry, low degree of product differentiation, the problems such as nonstandard market competition still trouble the industry development.This will make it have higher demand to  reinforce construction quality and to pay attention to the brand cultivation, stationery industry should have brand to the market , quality, efficiency and development.


       Fourth, resource constraints, most stationery materials  are non-renewable resources, as the growth of the cost of raw materials, then  the price of stationery products will not fall any more .Office stationery manufacturers should strengthen the integration of manufacturing informatization and automation.Informatization is the accelerator of industrialization development, Therefore , to  improve the production of intelligent, comprehensive utilization of resources, management of the grass-roots level and marketing at the information level and accelerating the two fusion is one of the important breakthrough point to improve the quality and benefit in stationery industry.

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