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What's restricted the transformation and development of cultural goods?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-17

There are a litter competition in the line of high-grade products in the current stationery mareket,especially in the field of high-end products.Even quite a part of the technical innovation are just in the diplays counter.It is not yet form market competitiveness.

It is the only way to supply the cultural goods industry structural adjustment technology source if China wants become the world industrial powers country.Whit the market demand and the development of f China industrialization.there will be appera a broad demand of stationery.And with the increase competition in the international.The development of the China stationery industry will  meet new technology blockade. So,what's restricted the transformation and development of cultural goods?

1.Increase of the  internationalization competition in domestic market.As the atrophy stationery market and excess production in low and medium-grade goods.And the market competition is further intensified as the low-price foreign products.And the high-end products have been dependent on importing so that domestic stationery products are faces the challenge of international competition.
2.Customer-focused strategies instead of leading technology.

Economic crisis always make large scale industrial upgrading and transformation.The key point is make the customer as center while stationery industry are going to the service.To provide the personalized service to the customers.Therefore,turn the center from sell products into customer-focused strategies is the today's trends.

3.Big different between market demand,adjustment is urgent needs.There is the unreasonable phenomenon in the industry and products structure althourth it is keep the rapid development.It is big but weak,the high-end products are still rely on imports.At present,the brand stationer is take a certain market share in market but it is too low.There is the broad market in to instead of import product.

4.Needs to improve in technology innovation.Due to the position of China stationery enterprises,the level of industrialization and brand influence is improving.To become an industrial powerhouse,its technology can no loger rely on others.In the past,we were copyed other's,but now we should to do the independent innovation.

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