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Lepusheng stationery eight elections in a row provide pen for enterprise development summit of eastern Guangdong

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-12-11

 December 7,2013.The enterprise development summit of eastern Guangdong has be held on the Shantou Linbaixing exhibition center.It is focus on the theme in "Seek the wisdom of the upgrade".It is invited a lot of well-known experts and scholars tospeech at home and abroad.It is coverage more than 30 enterprises of Guangdong and the big gathering of finance and economics.Lepusheng has be named for the pen unit for this summit,it is the 8th time as partners to attend.We are provide the comfortable and natural writing experience for the guests.


 pen form Lepusheng
This speech focus on the issure of "promoting development,strengthen innovation,improve management,to make the upgrade for eastem Guangdong".To open a series of activities such as summit,share party and so on.Including more then 30 enterprises.It is the big finance and economics summit of eastern Guangdong.
There are get together most enterprises and guest from all walks of life,so that they pay more attention to the details in service.Lepusheng stationery provided pen for enterprise development summit of eastern Guangdong in eight times with high quality and high quality designs.It is the great trust and recognition for the Lepusheng stationery and it also ensure the market reputation for the Lepusheng stationery.
Lepusheng always production with the high quality principle sicne it creation of brand.It has passed the quality management system certification and environmental management system certification, and  awarded the title of“observing contract and valuing credit”for six years.All of them are the proof for the steady development for the Lepusheng.With the help of this  summit of eastern Guangdong.Lepusheng will always keep the quality production and push the stable development of Shantou stationery industry.
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