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Accurate position in fierce competition of stationery market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-25


With the unceasing change of stationery market, there is quietly changing in recent years.There are not only the large stationery in the main market but also some of stationery enterprises only sell one or two type stationery products.They do the copy, design and make brand building.To find that they place in the fierce competition market.
Consumer demand cause some new brand
With the development of office supplies market.The stationery consumers are pay more attention to the quality,design and service of stationery.The developed stationery suppliers always do various kinds of stationery products but can not be best.So that the consumers are perfer to find the brand which only do one or two type.It was made most of single-product stationery enterprises.
 Stationery distributor are not welcome the single-product stationery enterprises.But nowadays the comsumers can directly connect with the stationery factories thought the internet.In the past,the traditional stationery sales only sell out the stationery though the selection of distributors.And the distributors would not like to cooperate with the single-product enterprises because of the small profit.But now, there are more and more dealer pay attention to the developing single-proudct suppliers.
Innovation of new stationery brand
In a relatively saturated stationery market, model innovation is the first of all for small and medium-sized stationery company.E-commerce is a dark horse for all kinds of industrial.It is become the new developing ways though its low cost and fast spread.Not matter the traditional B2B ways or the developing mobile terminal market.Stationery suppliers should to find the best way for hemselves in such compeititon market.
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