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Students stationery how to reduce the management risk

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-23

Students stationery is one of consumption goods,there are many uncertain factors.Simple speaking,stationery factory is increase the profits through product value.So,how to advoid the  unplanned losses and uncertainty losses is the key problems to the stationery brand enterprises.

Reduce the cycle of the stationery products sales In many industries, there is the big relations between time and price.According to the survey,computer products are depreciation of around 0.1% every day,and office supplies is higher.It can reach 0.7%.It is mean that the products adviod depreciated by 7% if sell out before 10 days.And the MAO Interest rate increase is about 13%.

To improve the stock rate

The people should know a fact that it is important to follow up the best sell and dispose the unsaleble products quickly if you want to make money in student stationery.The former is the key to success,and the unsalable products is cuase the failure.According to our analysis with many years of expecirence.There are only the enterprise with 30% of stock rate can achieve success in the field of retail.Therefore,modern marketing is pay more attention to the effectiveness of the inventory.

Capital smooth circulation

It is slowly for retail enterprise capital turnover.Most of operators to calcuate the funding cycle about 3 months.The smart stationery brand will split out most ot small circulation of monery in a large cycle.For example,quickly follows in best sell model proudcts,to purchase the stock of promotion stationery.In general,the value of monery is its liquidity.The value of currency could not be proudced if without smooth flow.

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