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To view existence problems of stationery industry from market status

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-08

The stationery manufacturing sector has been one of the important light industries. The stationery industry is also fast developing since China entering WTO. Recent years, the market is growing fast with annual average 12%, it's forecasted that the market will have a growth with annual rate 5%-10% in coming years. The prospect of China's stationery consuming market is very huge. Seeing from current market, what are the problems still exist among stationery industry?


Regional concentration 


According to statistics, the number of stationery products chain upstream and downstream firms up to 100000, and 43000 stationery manufacturers among them, 70% of which concentrated in three regions are Canton, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. However there are only 5 companies which have turnover with 500 million RMB above, and about 5% companies with 10 million RMB above.10% of the total numbers are large scale enterprises. The total sales turnover of the top 10 companies is not reach 10% of the industry.


The industry profit margin on the low side


 The mechanization degree of stationery industry is on the low side due to it is labor intensive industry. Although it has certain advantage in the international market, the profit rate is low of the general industry. To most office suppliers, the industry will not bring more margins only according to low prices to attract consumers.


 Lack of technological innovation awareness


The additional value of domestic stationery is lower, the reason is not because enterprises lack of innovation ability for developing and designing, but also miss their own specialty. Some overseas manufacturing enterprises transferred workshops to mainland, production procedure, process design and related data were well kept confidential, which makes domestic enterprises more than just worked under regulated rules, but not real producing.


Thin brand consciousness


 With the support from Chinese low-cost labor and state's preferential policies, the annual export turnover shares 40% of the world's total amount, with the addition of domestic consuming market, the made in China office products and accessories represents 60% of the world. Thus it can be seen, OEM system is one of the core of stationery products. The number of enterprises which have their home brands is less in China. Domestic manufacturers are being losing their brands, meanwhile, the market share are also being nibbled by world's stationery magnates. The additional value of stationery is obvious to all, the creation of stationery brand road is tough. However, it's still the ultimate way out.


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