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How to choose the stationfery store location?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-22

Open a stationery shop is different from the factory.The retail business model determines the importance of store location.It is detemines the success or failure of business.The first problem of many stationery shopkeeper is to choose the nice place.So, how to choose the "place"?

Rule One:follow up the competitor

It is easy,just follow up your competitiors,and to choose somewhere within competitors.

1.Determine the following objucts.It is need to do the survey before into the certain area.To choose someone near to you.

2.Take the center on the competitor's shop that do the around business.It is need to control the diffusion area,it can not in the same where or too difference.

Rule 2: the following complementary Some formats are complementary in the management, service content, you can open the shop beside it, and bring a complete "one-stop" service for customer. In stadium and the nearby, for example, came to him, and movement of the people there are other needs, you can provide catering, sports apparel retail, convenience Shop or coffee, tea, etc. Likewise, the management of student stationery shopkeeper can consider to open the shop in the students like to go to the toy store, often beside the gift shop, so I can get a lot of traffic.
Rule Two:follow the industrial cycle

To set up the student stationery shop around the toys store,gift shop.It can get a lot of traffic.

Rule Three: To see the condition

Discovery of locations can choose the best place.To see somewhere main and draw a detailed and scientific map.There are many competitors look for the good place.So that it need timely negotiate.

Rule four: search the free address information

In the information area,various kinds of medium can provide the information about shop location.So it must be good at  discovering and using the such resource.

1.The Internet.To search the professional site or the key word.Or to publish the past on the professional intermediary website,classifieds site, regional website and so on.
2.Out-store notice

Those who want to transfer his shore will put the notice outside the shore.You can find those post.

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