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Stationery industry will face a great challenge in 2013

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-24

It is not peace for China stationery industry in 2012,According to the date show that  in the years of 2012,the growth of whole domestic stationery sales market only 5.43%,it was dropped 8% compered with the last years.At the same time,there are some problems such as the rising rents,inventory backlog and so on.All of them to stimulate the sensitive nerve of the enterprise.

In 2013, the stationery industry sitll in the hard times and standed 10-year low of growth.And there are some enterprise has the high inventory backlog,and even have intensified trend.

Lepusheng thinks that stationery industry still needs to face a great challenge in 2013.The previous stationery industry rely on do the foreign processing and the great production to gain profits.But with the rising of labor cost and the increased of the raw material.The cost of stationery foreign trade are keep rising.It is impossible to gain profit though cheep larbor cost.

And the current consumers are more and more interest in the products's personalized,it is make the stationery factory who depanded on the great quantity stationery production and the expansion of the chain,getting into trouble.Besides,the weakness of market demand an the high inventories are the common problem in market.

Although there are so much problems in the stationery market.It isn't mean the statationery industry are going to decline.Instead,Lepusheng stationery believes that it is the key transformation period for industry.China office supplies market are experiencing as well as European and American countries experienced.The future market is not longer to competitive in the low price and quantity to realize the profit.

In fact, there is the good quality in China stationery,but there is a long way in the stationery design.Most of China stationery has the mature manufacturing technology but without the own product style.And they just to follow with the current trend.There will be competitive with the brand awareness in the future market.The sationery manufacturers which have the big brand,fashionable design will leading in the stationery and the small stationery factories may be swallow by the big enterprise.

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