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Three unreliable in stationery low price competition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-12-22


Low price is one of competition means which reduce the price,ever lower than the social average price.It is a activity which can quickly take the value and realize the profits.It is one of common activity way in selling stationery.More a nd more fierce competition also make the low-price competition became one of ways in competition market.
Truely, low price competition is direct, simple and fast than others.But is is not the good way.Lepusheng thinks that there are three unreliable in the low price competition as following:
Unreliable one: without clear position
Effective product selection is an important support to the low price competition.To keep various kinds of stationery and provide the low price for consumers.To mark the clean price to the products and keep the lower price than others.It is limited the reduction and bad for the office suppliers if without such clear price position.On the other hand,low price competition is a short-term behavior.It will cause the sociality low price compeition once there is a new stationery.It will broken the market share and lost the meaning of low price competition.So that low price competition is no be prologed and repeated in the stationery market.
Unreliable two: Closely to the brand
In addition to structural element such as store locations,operating mode,the dynamic elements such as store environment, service also very improtant.In the price competition,low price and one-stop shopping will no longer be differentiated from points.It is the basic requirements for survival. Strore staffs should pay more attention to the details of the mall management, to solve the problems of customrs in the shopping then to make a better reputation in the line.At the same time,low price operation also needs a low cost structural support.Even if reducte 1% of management cost, there is the large impact on corporate profits.Stores need to reduce the waste and loss.
Unreliable three: none of the best seletion for enterprises
From a strategic perspective,the low price comptition also be not the best seletion of enterprises.A successful entreprese should make the obtain maximum profits as the goal.Active,modest,skill are the keys in low price competition.
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