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Children's stationery market is broad,cartoon stationery design needs innovation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-20

As the broad Children's stationery market and the large consumption gaps between the city and countryside.It is determines there is virous kind of consumption class and different office supplies in the Chinese stationery market for a long time.The related data show that there are over ten thousand stationry enterprises in China.And the related employees more than 1 million,with more than 1000 hundred million yuan of annual output value.And the production is  more than 60% of the world's total.


Children's stationery market is broad,cartoon stationery design needs innovation

Market capacity

According to statistics from related departments.There are 1.4 billion population in China,and have 400 million of  under the age of 14 young children and the infacnts.100 million of them in city and 300 rural children.It is a big market for the stationery industry.With increasing demand of the leisure and entertainment, as well as the changing of the stationery function. Stationery consumption group also expanded rapidly.More and more high-grade,novel,ndividual and interesting cartoon stationery become the adult's leisure and entertainment supplies.

Industry analysis

Research results show that growing of the residents income make the parents pay more attention to  their children's intelligence development.It is a way to express parents' love and care to buy the toys and stationery give children.It also good for the child intelligence development.Therefore,the office supplies with the interenting and knowledge is meet the parents who hope children will have a bright future.About 30% of the city consumers think that the intelligent stationery be more attractive.Obviously, intelligent stationery is greatly popular with audiences whether in the cities or countryside.And even can instead of "toys".

 Designers should not only understand design, but also to understand the marketing and promotion. Because he is the selling point of their products the most clear people, the work is like designer own "children", oneself not to mining, boast "children" potential, other marketing personnel of this product more not interested.

In the creative and sales.Sales also a indispensable skill for the stationery designer.An excellent stationery designers also a good marketing master.The designed products are can not enough in designer's home or display on the museum,it must bring the value which can ba accept by the consumers and make more benefits to the enterprise.Designers not only to can design,but also needs the knowledge about marketing and promotion.As designer  is the man who has most clear for the products' sell point.The designed products are like designer's "children".There is no one will mining and boast this "children's"potential but designer.

Anyways,in the stationery creative designing,designers not noly to consider the line of design concept of packing,but also put more selling point into the products.And how to make the products more popular through the marketing way,let consumer accept the products.

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