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Student stationery’s development tendency

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-10-29

Student stationery that is students are the main consumers which is one of  the most important parts of stationery products. Along with the new science and technology and fashion factor need, overall trend student stationery will be made more beautiful, and more fashionable designs will be seen, student products has the characteristics with fashion, color and various kinds. In general, there are several features as follows:

 1.The trend of the lower price


Although now most of student stationery are fashionable and delicate, but it is different with expensive gift stationery. Some low student stationery are trying to make the style which could be widely accepted by consumers . It means the prices must be accetable .The style and price should be closed to consumption level and consumption habits.


2. Fashional style


As source of information is more and more multi-faceted for students, knowledge is more  rich, traditional product are difficult to meet the student’s demands. Therefore stationery products start the popular design trend . Student stationery is the major consumer group. Except to assist student to learn, Popular charm is one of indispensable factors of student stationery.
    Students stationery could reflect their fashion by product texture, color, material, pattern, style, culture and multiple elements .Take an example,  
Lepusheng stationery products #9717 creative camera correction tape is the modeling of the breakthrough, unique design can attract many favors, also LPS transparent film PET tape series are another new design, and as LPS #9715 “ShenMa” combined correction tape , it is the the best embodiment of stationery products for network culture .


3. Environmental protection trend


“Green “work, environmental protection stationery is not only the demand of modern society, but also is development target of the China stationery manufacturer. Student stationery as the child's daily partner, its Safety, health and economy are focused by the many young parents.And also to be the future development direction of the stationery manufacturers.


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