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Stationery enterprises lack innovation ability

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-09


With the development of the stationery industry,there are more and more stationery factory know that the stationery innovation is importance of stationery innovation.Long-term copy production make there are many  homogeneity stationery in market.Now, more and more enterprises open the expand the new way so that the stationery inovation has become a life-saving straw for stationery factory.
Although most of stationery manufacturers are know that only do the stationery innovation then achieve more profitable income.There are certain difficulty really to do a good job of innovation.The main reason has the following points:
Although China is the biggest stationery export country in the world.Most of stationery manufacturers have lack of R&D department and core technology.They do a lot of OEM production,or customized production according to the requirements of the foreign trader. Lacking of the core technology and reasarch and development also make the stationery manufacturer can not put all the word into.
Copycat homogeneity production 
The lack of core technology and research and development technology makes these office supplies manufacturers can only follow suit and do the copy production.There will be stand-in to replace the new product which is whatever how neoteric it is.So that,although there are many different kinds of stationery,but the type and basic performance is same.It is make the aggravate the chaos in the market.
Industry talents loss 
With the development of the stationery industry, most of the production of stationery enterprises to understand the people who good at design and operation are thirsty.It is become the weakness of stationery industry.It is understood that becuase of the poor production equipment and weak design.At present,there are more then 55% of creative stationery are imported.Lacking of creation products also proved the talent is the key for stationery industry.
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