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Lepusheng tell you the Invention and use of correction fluid

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-01-28

Correction fluid (also known as liquid pen,correction liquid) is a white opaque paint, which can cover the typo on the paper.Correction fluid is appeared before the word processor.It has brought great convenience to typing or writing.

Correction fluid is pack in a plastic bottle with a small brush.Because there are the faster volatile of correction fluid (Also dry faster),the remainder of correction fluid would be too thick to use.As a result,some correction fluid manufacturers also will do the thinner.It is the most early correction liquid packaging.With the development of the change,2 in 1 correction fluid, correction pen also appeared on the market.Those correction fluid with a litter spring,it can pump out the fluid.And won't dried up as well as bottled pack.So that it is more popular in the market.

It is hard to see the bursh correction fluid in market.But it is hot sell on the overseas market.This type of correction fluid have been around the people who like the traditional prckaging.Statistics show, correction fluid may be invented by the BetteNesmithGraham, the United States secretary in 1951.She also the mather of MichaelNesmith,the choir members of The Monkess.It can not be prove it ture or not.But the correction fluid has long history.

The development of the electronic office to let more and more office workers put down the pen,the computer and printer replaced the deily writing.However, it can't completely word or learn without the paper.Traditional writing is needed,and the demend of correction products also be needed.

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