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Micor but big,stationery industry developing and micro era

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-02-20


The development of e-commerce, let more and more stationery suppliers started the exploration.The coming micro era is response the people perfer to share a desire to convey information quickly.The so-called micro era,it is inculding microblog,micro letter,micro video,micro radio and so on.It is the network integrated marketing, it also called micro marketing network marketing era.The common characteristics of micro marketing with high eyes attraction.
New media is hard to compatible with traditional stationery industry.The effect will be discounted if do bad.To integrate all the "power" and follow up the times.
Followe up the popular
The development of e-commerce is the trend in market.Only to follow up the time then to leading in the stationery industry for office suppliers.There are the conflict between traditional stores and e-commerce.Follow up the popular is the trend development.
Adapt to new rules
What is new media?It is includess micro letter,weibo,APP and so on.It has changed the traditional way of marketing.There are more and more stationery manufacturers feel pressure.At the same time,some enterprises follow up this trend and accept the new media.There are so much problems in the developing.It is need a spirit to keep on.
Spreading and innovation
How to do the new media marketing?Investment the advertising is necessary.But new media is different from the traditional advertising.And the online media is not limiter in the tradition advertising.It can attract more consumers.New media is more trustworthy.And the stationery factory should seize the opportunity then public the news and keep creation as far as possible.
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