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Guidence of consumption lead to the transition of office stationery enterprises

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-02


          Consumer-oriented era  become the responsibility of office stationery enterprise to have a conversion  .Facing the captious customers, it become the key that to transform from passive to active creation.After the reform and opening-up policy in China,stationery industry began to entered the stage of rapid development, in theory, there is a tight market situation in the initial developping period at  any industry  , as long as the enterprises produced products that accepted by the market, then it can realize the market value of the product.In a buyer's market, this is the market with blindness.It make the whole market get the growth that in geometric type when there are rapid influx of funds , then go to saturation.



        The basic characteristics of the era of  Product orientation is "seller's market",at the beginning of the transformation from planned economy to market economy, the market is short of market products, as long as it can produce product, then can sell out is OK .In this case, all companies around the supposed capacity, then pursuit to the expansion of production capacity.While the quality problems are neglected,and  technology and talents element are put aside, vulgar resource-intensive and labor-intensive enterprises  become the market mainstream.After more than 30 years of development, however, stationery industry has entered a period that dominated by the buyer.How to expand production capacity is no longer the difficulty of the  development of the enterprise or increasing the product category, but how to stand out  in the homogeneous competition  market, then get consumer recognition and promote product sales.


         This is an era of consumption, and also a service-oriented era, on the  level of  meeting consumer demand, how to do let the consumer have got what they pay for,  the value of the product itself and perfect customer service are equally important.In a competitive environment, when most stationery enterprises fight in the price war and  compress  product profit in order to  compete for customers but still can not reach the market recognition,so that those understand the market rule , provide the products with cultural connotation and creation ,and service oriented sales model will get rid of price competition,then step ahead to occupy market share.


         Stationery industry is still in its early stage of development but it has reached a bottleneck of development,then how to break through this bottleneck, see ,a group of brand enterprises which are the leader and be able to guide the industry  into virtuous cycle competition will arises at the historic moment, it will lay a solid foundation to be a leader in the industry for an enterprise if they have  a market sales model of competitive advantage .The office industry developing in the future,stationery manufacturer should cater to consumer preferences more,consumer demand oriented, then produce products that  can meet the demand of consumers .


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