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Learning stationery marketing position through popular TV show

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-26


The singing TV show is coming to end in Chinese TV,it is the window period for the TV show.The show named "Where are we going,dad?" bursted in the TV.It looks unusually but hide a lot of  inevitable factors of success behind.So,what kinds of marketing we can use in stationery market from this TV show.
1. The introduction of the mature product
Actually,most of people already known that this TV show has came from South Korea MBC TV.It was very popular in Korea.The introduction of the mature proudct isn't new for the China market.Whether the copy the hot sell stationery in foreign marekt or the same design production.It is the introduction of the mature product.On one hand,it can reduct the market cost of education.On the other hand,it can avoid the wrong way in development.
2.The local package
The so-called "when in Rome, do as the Romans do".Chinese prefer simple feeling .So this show give up the long drag and more suitable to the Chinese.
Not matter for the products or TV show,it is necessary pay attention to the local market.Especially in the sales of office stationery.Affected by the overseas economic,there were most of stationery enterprises turned the main market into the domestic sales.However,use the foreign rules in domstic,it can't really welcomed by Chinese consumers.
3.The product features 
In contemporary China, there is no doubt that the TV show which close blind date and talent show are hottest,but the deluge of emotional technique makes the audience feels tired.And the new show "Where are we going,dad?",it is a new type.
It is easy to find that there are different kinds of stationery products in the stationery marekt.But the cnosumers could't rememer the proudcts which lacing any characteristic.So differentiation is the key.That is why Lepusheng always do the  research and development design.
4.The effect for star product
In fact ,the show "Where are we going,dad" is one kind of consumption of the superstar.The star and their child can meet the peopler's demand which they want to knwo more about the superstar.
In the stationery sales.Star product are the  engine of enterprise development.The main prodcuts is not only promote the sales of other products, but also appreaed the service to the consumers.It is common in the stationery industry.Such as the correction tape of Lepusheng,the pen of hero and so on.
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