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Patent of office stationery is difficult to play a role in the homogeneity market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-08


         In the present stationery market,it is not hard to find that homogeneity is very common,no matter which new model is, then it will be soon another similar or identical stationery products on the market.Are the stationery manufacturers  helpless when facing these fake products,of course not, for research and development manufacturer, from design to the production of a new products is personnel work, in this case, if the product is copied or there are high replicas,then they will have no enthusiasm of R&D for a manufacturer, in order to solve the problem of homogeneity of the market, product patent arises at the historic moment.



        Baidu points out that patent products refers to those products that have already obtained the patent certificate issued by the state intellectual property office,and patent has not failure.Belongs to the scope of the patent law protection, anybody can't  have production and sales without the authorization and permission.We can see from this explanation that for those product with patent certificate, law is protected, so whether with this certificate, it is always safe?It's not.


         But why?In fact,there are many manufacturers in production in stationery industry and also a lot of research and development of stationery manufacturers, but still inevitably appear a lot of fake goods on the market, the reason for this is that this type of manufacturing enterprises is lack of product innovation ability.So although their products will not infringe others' product patent, the products have no more creative.Thus there are  all kinds of the stationery on the market and also similar.


         Products are essentially the same, which makehomogeneity not controled in  the stationery market,so that office stationery patent certificate will be difficult to have a effect.In fact, to get rid of this phenomenon, strengthen the industry level, stationery manufacturers only have to be hard working on R&D.


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