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Student stationary so strange but so popular

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-23

As we known,the current student stationery is more strange but more be welcomed.We can find that the strange office supplies alwasys be more popular in the supermarket or stationery shops.

"No one can stop me to going to more and more cute","For your Audi,my Dior,we have to flighting" the such network words in the homework books is very popular in the students.In addition,part of the homework books also been to retro.The online  popular words in notebooks make the people like cross the time and space to the ancient.

Although there is no longer pay attention to the practicability of products in student stationery as the recent years development of stationery industry.There is the great progress in the product's appearance and creative.But the main design is lovly and fashionable.With the developing of the Internet,the special network culture has been to the student stationery.It bring the witty and humorous to the people.As most of network language is humorous and cool.So than it is welcomed by the students.

But some parents are worry that the children would be affected by the stationery and could't use the language civilization.And the too fancy stationery is not good for the students in the ideas and values.Lepusheng stationery thinks that there is a certain of vitality in network language so that it live in the students.But network language just one of popular elements.It just like the network language in 2004 is out, and now no one will use it again.So that,It is needn't worried too much in it for the parents.

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