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Improve quality ,the key of stationery developing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-29

With the development of office stationery, China is the mostest stationery production in the world.At the same time,there are the special area in Ningbo,Ninghai,Yiwu,Shenzhen,Chaoyang,Dongwang,Fuzhou,Quangzhou,Jiangjing ect.China not only take the advantage in the production but also have the broad consumption in the marekt year by years.

 However, the long time OEM production only can brought the thin profits for stationery manufacturers.Student stationery supplies has been into the new competition stage.It was ented into the brand competition.The single competion also truned the price competion into brand competion including service,manager,shopping environment and so on.It is understood that there are over 70% of competion between in common student stationery.Excess production capacity of low end products, Severe waste of resource,the lack of quality office supplies and creative stationery.And the more and more foreign stationery suppliers are bring the big competitive pressure in the market.So that the brand also become the key points of development.

Creat a strong brand with high quality is necessary.On the one hand,it is due to the fierce market competition,on the other hand,there are the more and more trade barriers in import and export trade.There are the more strict requirements in office stationery.Becuase most of China office stationery manufacturers have not the big scale.They can't catch up the new requirment as soon as possible.It was caused a lot of bad name for the China stationery trade.

Stationery quality is not only the core of the brand , but also the foundation of brand .It is also the momentum of the healthy development.Stationery entrepreneurs should establish the quality consciousness,to improve the stationery quality and improve the brand construction.

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