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Suitable is the best development for student stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-17

    The agent or franchisees should pay more attention to the brand intead of joining policy whlie choose the stationery to join.There is not enough in easy.It should be careful while choose the agent.

   Generally, the agent or franchisees are more familiar with local market and consumer behavior because of they many years of business.They have the good management level.Those stationery agents or franchisees also the best goal for student stationery suppliers.

   It should pay more attention to the development potential of the enterprise while choose the agent brand and take the view to the managemtn idea.If there is the clear goal and colse follow the trend of student stationery,it always will be obtain unexpected gains if early and timely partner or join agents.

    They are play a role as investor when in the initial stage for the agent or franchisees.Brand enterpries can help agents to establish managemtnt system and cultivate the retail skills.For brand stationery, they should pay attention to the degree of maturity for a brand enterprises, the business mode and don't do the blindly follow.Of course, some brand enterprise will set up the very loose exchange and refund policy in ealry.It should be considered.

   Development in the later period, it'd better to cooperate with the strong brand enterprises, even the demand of cooperation conditions is rigorous.The agent ability often becomes a key of success or failure in the early order if lacking the mature operation system for brand enterprises.It will lost the business if the agent does not have the ability to deal with the order or organize suitable stationery.

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