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Balmy stationery impact on the health of primary and middle school students

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-12-01


         As it can be seen from the reports in recent years,balmy stationery will do harm to the physical development of primary and middle school students, it is bad for children's health.We know that a small amount of fragrance additive is allowed  in the stationery products, however, many enterprises abuse bad flavor using in the production of stationery products.Due to inferior spices often contains aromatic, aldehyde compounds, while the content of the material is low, but when consumers contact for a long time, especially the children,they may lead the compounds in the body through inhalation, suck, bite, causing chronic poisoning to the human body, especially will cause the diseases of nervous system and blood system,and do harm to the health of children.



         When visiting the market, it is easy to find, as people living standard rise,stationery market also become booming,stationery type pattern is full of beautiful things in eyes.In order to meet the curious psychology of the young group, a lot of stationery manufacturers also continuously introduce stationery products with fragrance.Once when they are listed, it is popular among pupils.Therefore, stationery with fragrance are absolutely a mainstream in the stationery market, there are colorful ball-point pen, water pen and all sorts of modelling of rubber in some vendors and small shop near school,there are smell of apple, banana, orange, perfume and so on.Yet on the market, there are many small retailers add cheap harmful substances in the process, so the quality and the safety of the aroma stationery is worried by people.With shoddy workmanship, and inferior on the outer packing is very difficult to find the exact address of the manufecturer, date of production, approval number, etc.Especially the import correction fluid,there is no Chinese label, no factory, no imported symbol, unnecessary warnings, etc.Inferior aroma stationery have more than half market share, so there have been some of children harmed by the aroma stationery.


          And there are following several reasons for the harm.Firstly:Children who reach the stationery with balmy stationery are more and more small; When children are verry young,many parents will buy stationery for their children to let them have "practice", and in order to make the children have interest in learning, they always buy rubber, correction fluid, pen, notebook with strong fragrance, so that make the child began to contact with harmful substances.Secondly:Pupils have bad health habits when using stationery ; some inferior paint are unconsciously bited and sucked by children;Aroma stationery have a faint smell of apple, banana, orange, and perfume,children will love them very much, compare to each other,and often under the nose to smell.Thirdly:Development characteristics of primary and middle school students, this is the key period to the physical and mental development of the children, the body's tissues and organs is in the further development, compared with adults, the body's resistance is low, susceptible to various diseases.


         Given all this, you can see aroma stationery have effects on physical development on primary and middle school students, it is recommended that students and parents buy less aural stationery and try to choose the brand stationery manufacturers so that can be more secure.  


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