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Stationery brand become the key point of export

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-15


In the 114th Canton fair,we can found that Canton fair has became the main diplay way for the independent brand.The deciling of overseas customers make the competition between domestic stationery exhiitors since the financial crisis.There are the highest exporting in China but without famous brand.In the such case, strong independent brands began to show the advantage.
The changes of the foreign trade environment has the key reason made the Canton fair became the main sell.Compared with the  golden period before 2008, today's foreign trade environment is not as good as before.Increase cost of labor, the RMB exchange and the rise price of raw material are make the profits of enterprise less and less.It can be said that price is determines the sales of export enterprises.
Independent brand enterprises always grasp the price,Different with OEM production enterprise.Independent brand enterprises have the sepcial brand style in the product quality.High quality stationery always be more popular in the people.It is reported that this session of the Canton fair have more then 15% of profits.And the OEM stationery only take 5% of profits.There is a huge gap. In principle, Canton fair not only the barometer of the China foreign trade export, but also a natural ecosystem.
In this session of Canton fair, some of exhibitors enterprises feels good but someone not.It is shows that the  international trade environment is in the downturn.Only to master the core technology and independent brands.Then to make the enterprise leading in the industry.
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