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To give some freshness in stationery manufacturing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-08

The market environment is keep changing and an enterprise also adjust their living law according to the changes of the environment.To come out in the past experience and being form the new experience,and the innovation is the  force of the enterprises development.Facing the such complicated and volatile market environment,its limitations also obviously.And there is only constantly innovation change can be helpful for the development of the enterprise.

There is lots of Chinese enterprise successful cases in the traditional stationery.However the yesterdays success can't keep up todays.The new age has began and the competition environment is changing.The old products facing the new challenges has gradually showed the disadvantages.Under the such environment,to reform and innovation of traditional should combined with the entrprise development and overcome the deficiency of the past stationery production design.

Nowadays,the serious product homogeneity make the a littler different between the products.And the consumers usually to choose the brand which they have known.The core competition of the market has a big changed.It was turned the product competition into cognitive competition.Secondly,there is the new texting for the market,all of enterprises are busy to meet the demand of consumers and the consumers are weary of the new product.So,how does the enterprises to keep in stationery market?

For a long time,needing is be creating constantly instead of meet.It needs to create demand from the competitor.It needs to add some freshness in the stationery manufacturing.To decide the value of product is consumers,not the enterprise.

To add some freshness in the stationery manufacturing.It requests the enterprise to establish the customer marketing,foucus on user value and realiza to organize the process between research,production and sales.And keep it can be avaiable to add consumer's advise in any process.There are many entepreises opened the Mircro message or Mirco blog to get more views of consumers use feeling.compered with the traditional,it is a new trying way to get the useful advise.And it also can give the fresh sense for the consumers.

To add some freshness in the stationery manufacturing can help the enterprises to adapt the new markeing with old brand and keep the new product enter into marketing smooth.Make the "silent" enterprise be a "sound brand" and so on.Freshness should based on the traditional.However, in the overall,we need to put a more comprehensive and feasible fresh marketing.And on a basis of product pomotion to improve the brand value and the product innovation.To turn the prcie marketing into different and value marketing.To construct the terminal market bases on the consumers.And enjoy the transformation of the terminal brand.

It is in order to improve the consciousness of brand marketing to add the fresh to stationery manufactruring.Than to improve the overall  stength.Fresh marketing is not only set up a new marketing idea for the enteprises,but also to contact with the marketing closely.To change as the market change, adn acquire the new opportunities for developing.

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